Gallery 22 Unveils Otherworldly Exhibition

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At the peak hour of an ever-bustling First Friday in our beloved downtown Delaware, Ohio– as people marched brightly in the sunshine towards works of creative genius, graciously hosted by many local businesses and organizations — Gallery 22 debuted an exhibition by two exceptional Ohio artists– David Senecal and Michael Bush:


Elemental Collaboritivism

“Not planned or dependent upon observation of visible reality, rather made in ‘collaboration’ with the material properties of the work in combination with the creative process itself, using the complex systems of material behaviors that seem random or chaotic, as a tool for the development of the work.
The work is not just a display of the properties of the material, nor will it depict or focus on an identifiable point in time or history, though evidence of the passage of time is handled within resulting action of the material, rather than by stylized rendering of recognized historical (which includes contemporary) events.
Importantly, the work isn’t random either. While trance-state, guided stream of consciousness and reactive– its aim is to reveal and employ elemental principles of design that are found to occur in nature, to complete the work with a deliberate application of will and intent.
In this way, the works become more authentically natural (being records of collaboration with the same natural forces that guide all material and our reaction to it) than contrived renderings of the natural world. The works that result aren’t restricted to documenting existing reality, they contribute new views of it.”
-David Senecal and Michael Bush

About the Artists

David Senecal

David Senecal is a Columbus based artist. These works mark a return to wet-media painting after more than 20 years working in digital arts. Dave has a degree in studio art from Michigan State University and spent time studying in Catalunya, Spain (Girona, Barcelona) a region historically significant in shaping twentieth century art.

A few of Senecal’s past exhibitions and collectors include, but are most certainly not limited to:

Richard M. Ross Art Museum, Ohio Wesleyan University
Boardman Arts Park (installation)
Saatchi Art


Michael Bush

Michael Bush, born in 1975 in Gary, Indiana, and now resides Columbus, OH, is a self-taught abstract artist. He has been selected to participate in many juried shows in and around Ohio including Art for Life and the Ohio State Fair Professional Division. He is represented by Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ohio.

A few of Bush’s past exhibitions and collectors include, but are most certainly not limited to:

Artlink Regional Exhibition
Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Carnegie Gallery
Art for Life, Columbus Museum of Art

Since August of 2014, The Arts Castle has leased space within the Strand Theatre and Cultural Art Association complex in order to maintain a gallery space, as well as stoke the creative fires in each and every resident of the Delaware community, and the global community at large. Gallery 22 schedules six distinct exhibitions per year. The space can accommodate solo artists, collaborations, collective exhibitions, and more. What’s more? The gallery has five studio spaces for artists-in-residence, leased through The Delaware Arts Castle.

Gallery 22 is located at 22 East Winter Street, Delaware, OH 43015. The gallery is open for viewing from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Elemental Collaboritivism will be on display until April 26, 2019.