Fighting for Freedom: The US Colored Troops in the Civil War

The war between the North and the South steps out of the pages of the history and into the program, which centers on the African American contributions to the Civil War.  Included are the basics of the American conflict; who was involved, where the war took place, what was used in the war, and why the war started.  Learn what made the United States Colored Troops different, and what they accomplished by fighting in the Civil War.  This visit from a Civil War soldier will enhance your knowledge of the War and make that history come alive.. Many trained at Camp Delaware.

About the speaker/reenactor:

Anthony Gibbs is the Coordinator of Community Engagement at the Ohio History Connection. He is the founder and Creative Director of Historic Impressions which   seeks to create unforgettable experiences through significant stories from the past that give relevant, valuable insights for the present and the future. 

 Due to the expected popularity of this program, preregistration is required.